The Main Control Panel governs the whole system with intelligent controlling features. It Uses Wi-Fi or LAN Cable for communication with server, GSM Technology having inbuilt GSM Modem for GSM communication, Wireless RF module for communication with number of device connected with it. The panel is designed in such a way that any privileged user can control the system remotely just by using Applications or Text message service of related operator. User can know the status, do configuration, and modify the configuration for their internal purpose. Can be installed with centralized battery backup.


  • IOT and GSM based intrusion alarm system
  • Wired or wireless connectivity with sensors and siren
  • Remote Programmable Capability (Selective ARM/DISARM, CONFIG, STATUS)
  • Configurable Privileged options for different categories for five users
  • Breach notification: Application, Server, SMS, Buzzer, Hooter & Flasher
  • Low Battery Indication & SMS Alert to user for battery charging/replacing
  • Centralized Power with Battery Backup (for wired option)
  • Up to 16 wireless Zones & 4 wired zone supported.
  • High speed modem with fast download
  • Central Monitoring System Support(CMS Support) for registered Users (Optional)
  • Function keys allows single button alarming(Optional)
  • Entry / Exit delay set time
  • Supported for both prepaid/postpaid connections. Postpaid connection recommended
  • Accurate and fast Reporting of events